We are adaptable.
We offer flexible, heavy load movement solutions across Western Canada, indigenous territories, and the Arctic.
We are flexible.
Focusing on project and region-specific needs, we can procure any type of equipment and assemble an experienced team of experts to do the work.
We are connected.
Our strong relationships with like-minded service providers and dealers allows us to assemble the right team and the right equipment for projects of any size and scope.


Radius Crane + Rigging is a team of hard workers dedicated to the job – we’re equal parts relationship-focused, technically-driven, and service-oriented. Between the economy and globalization, our industry has shifted in Western Canada and the Territories over the past decade, but our ownership group has adapted to stay ahead of our industry.

The Right Team. The right Equipment.

We’re relationship-focused and we adapt with the local and global economies to stay ahead of our industry. Putting less emphasis on acquiring a large workforce and owning equipment and more emphasis on regional and project-specific needs, we can assemble the right team and procure the right equipment specifically for your project. Being a business focused on family and relationships, our group is multi-talented, and our quality would not be where it is if we didn’t hold ourselves and our peers to the highest standards. Our pride is in our people.

customized pricing for every project.

Each project’s needs are specific, and we prefer to assess them that way, utilizing our experience to offer the safest, most efficient, and cost-effect solutions. We meet with you and visit your site ourselves to gain a comprehensive understanding of your project, your budget, your schedule, and your needs – which means that before we even bid the work, you’ve had face-time with us, you know that we’re knowledgeable and ready to execute a project-specific plan.

We're here to help.

Over decades working in Western Canada and the North, we’ve built strong relationships with like-minded service providers. If a short-term requirement presents itself in a region you’re unfamiliar with, we can help you contact the appropriate group in that area.

Let us adapt with you.

Please allow us to apply these principles to your request in the future. We know you’d be pleasantly surprised by our forward thinking and flexibility.

Need A Lift?

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